(Used to attach maille to late 14th and early 15th C helmets)

CLANG's vervelles are modelled after those found on a very early armet in the Churburg armory. They are turned from brass and then annealed. The annealing process softens the brass so the shanks can be peened easily, without chipping or flaking.

They are 5/16" in diameter and have 3/16" shanks. The hole for the cord/thong is 9/64". A tapered steel rod will be supplied with each order. This is placed in the cord hole before setting the shank to prevent deformation of the vervelle. The taper allows it to be removed easily after the vervelle is set. They may be set with the head supported by a lead block, or a special setting tool may be purchased to simplify the job.

Vervelles are generally placed 1 to 1-3/4" apart on helmets. I normally use about 16 on a bascinet, placed about 1-1/2" apart.

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