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The idea for this tool suggested itself to me years ago. Finally I built one for myself, and after getting great use out of it for a few years, I decided to offer them for sale.

The tool is basically an industrial press which has been modified for use as a leather-working tool. I originally desiged it specifically for punching holes, but further modification allowed it to use many standard leather-working tools. It can be used to set eyelets and snaps, stamp backgrounds, punch stitching/lacing holes, and much more.

That said, I definitely get the most use out of mine by simply punching holes. Even in very heavy leather, it punches holes with ease, and it's very quiet in operation, which can be important if you have a sleeping yard ape (or significant other) in the next room! Even my simple leather gorget requires about 34 holes to be punched, half of them in 13-15 oz veg-tan. That's carpal tunnel in progress with a rotary punch! Never mind making 10 at once... Now the job of punching 300 or 400 holes in heavy leather no longer scares me. :)

Here are some of the features of the Leather Bench Punch:

Rack and pinion gear provides exceptional leverage for ease of use
Uses any standard Mini or Maxi punch, such as those available from Tandy Leather FactoryTM and many others
Will punch holes up to 3-1/4" from the edge of the work piece
Will hold any standard leather tool with a shank between 3/16 and 7/16"
Tear-drop shaped tool slot prevents tools from rocking or wobbling
The handle is held at rest in a convenient upright position, ready for use
Working height of ram is adjustable to suit the job at hand by ratcheting the press handle
Ram is reversible simply by removing a pin
Replaceable HDPE plastic disc protects edges of tools
Disc may be rotated or flipped over when one spot becomes worn, or for different operations
Comes standard with the following accessories:
    Mini and Maxi punch adapters
    Spare HDPE plastic disc
    3 Allen wrenches for tool changes and adjustments
Tool weight approx 25 lbs (11 kg)

**To do anything other than very light work, the Bench Punch must be clamped or bolted to your work surface. (I have mine set up so that it can be quickly fastened to the work surface with a large wing-nut, but it is easily removed in case I need the space for other work.)

Showing the tear-drop hole in the ram for leather tool shanks between 3/16 and 7/16":

Showing the locking pin and adjustment screw for the punch handle:

Showing a few standard TLF leather-working tools (not included) which can be used with the Bench Punch, including snap setter, eyelet setter, stitching slit punches, and Mini and Maxi punches:

Showing the Maxi punch adapter and a 5/16" hole punched through 15 oz veg-tan leather:

Showing setup for setting eyelets with TLF tooling, and example:

Showing included accessories:

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