The Signum was the battle standard carried by each century's Signifer. It was on object of great reverence, and it's loss would have been a severe blow to the century's morale.

Each Signum had 3 to 7 discs, along with other ornaments such as a wreath, crescent, or hand. With a little luck, I'll offer some of these other parts in the future.

The discs are 6-1/4" in diamater. They are constructed of 24 ga brass, bronze, or nickel-silver with the edge turned over a 3/16" copper wire. The materials combined with the cross-sectional shape make a tolerably strong, yet lightweight disc.

These have flanges soldered to the back faces for attachment to the signum pole (see bottom of page). The flanges are nominally sized for a 1-1/4" shaft, but may be bent in or out to accomodate other sizes.

Showing disc Mk I (bronze):

Showing disc Mk II (bronze):

Showing disc Mk III (bronze):

Comparing 3 types:

Showing a set of four Mk II discs in Nickel-Silver:

Signum Crescent in Nickel-Silver:

Showing the attachment method:

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