Armor Rivet Bosses

These decorative bosses were used on many helmet types, as well as the lorica segmentata. Typically, 11 to 13 are required for a helmet. They are approximately 1" wide and are sized for 1/8" or 3/16" shank rivets. Copper or brass rivets can be supplied for a small additional charge.

Showing the Mk A-1/8 in Nickel-silver:

Showing the Mk B-3/16 in Bronze:
(Mk B-1/8 are almost identical)

Showing the Mk C-3/16 in Brass:

Mk A-1/8 in Brass and Nickel-silver:

Material comparison, showing the Mk B-3/16 in Brass, Bronze, and Nickel-silver:

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