Balteus Apron Studs
(Sporran Studs)

These little babies are notoriously difficult to find, and the solid cast brass ones are relatively expensive. I'm trying to offer a lower-cost alternative that is durable, easy to install, and accurate (at least from the front). They are made by soldering a standard copper belt rivet to the back of a brass, bronze, or nickel-silver disc. Once assembled, the only inaccuracy is that the peened rivet on the rear of the strap is copper instead of brass. If you want to go one step further, you can cut square brass washers to put on the back instead of the standard copper burrs.

These are are now available in a range of diameters and come with copper burrs.

I've never had a solder joint break on me, but I will throw an extra or two into each order just in case...

Showing relative size and various metals:

These can also be decorated with stamped motifs-a sampling is shown here:

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