CLANG's Links

Here are some of my favorite links:

Armor Resource Sites:

The Armour Archive Where to to to learn about building armor-my favorite armor site.
The Arador Armour Library Tons of great info on armor.
Becky's Armor Pages Great page showing past works and works in progress by one of
  my "young apprentices" (self-styled). Good information and construction notes.
Larien's Armor More great works in progress pics and notes by my other "young
  apprentice" (also self-styled).
Knight's Armoury An very talented armorer whose work I admire.
Masterpieces of the European Renaissance 1500-1700 Loads of great pics of original armor.
Anthony J. Bryant Good resource on Medieval Japan and great how-to's on Japanese armor.

Material and Supply Sources:

R.J. Leahy Rivets, wire, and non-ferrous sheetmetal. Best reliable rivet source I've found.
ENCO Industrial tools and materials of all sorts. One of my favorite suppliers.
B. Snyder Abrasives"The Sandpaper Lady", Barb is great to do business with. I get almost
  all of my abrasives from her company. Best prices going, and superior quality to boot.

Verena's Knitting Corner Best quality knitted work at very reasonable prices.

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